10 Fascinating Facts About The ‘Hunger Games’ Series

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#1  The Nation’s Name Is The Theme Of The Books
The world of The Hunger Games is filled with many interesting names though some are a bit on the nose, from the white-clad President “Snow” to a baker whose name is a homonym for “pita.” However, one clever name goes so far as to describe the entire theme of the series, and that’s the name of Suzanne Collins’s fictional nation: Panem.
The name “Panem” reflects the Latin phrase made famous by Juvenal: panem et circenses. The phrase translates to “bread and circuses,” and it refers to how the Roman government distracted suffering farmers with public games and spectacles. Of course, this accurately parallels The Hunger Games world where the corrupt Capitol has been facing increasing unrest and placates individuals with the gory spectacle of the games. The incentive to win the games is, among other things, abundant food provided by the Capitol — the distant hope of “bread” to drown out the reality of mass poverty and starvation.